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Farm For Profit is a farmer-developed, agricultural program utilizing tested biotechnology products and services that improve the soil to sustain farmer's profitability and to meet the quality and quantity expectations demanded by the shopping consumers for quality food products.

Over the past ten years, a large number of farming and environmental organizations, government agencies, trade associations, concerned citizens, farmers and politicians have all called for decreased usage of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and rodenticides for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:
  • Cancer-causing agents from toxic chemical residues
  • Damage to and depletion of agricultural soil resources
  • Continued build-up of agricultural chemical residues in agricultural soils
  • Wash-off downstream of toxic chemicals during heavy rains and floods, resulting in fish kill and pollution water table contamination
Through proper soil management and the use of natural biore mediation processes, chemical usage can be reduced by up to one half of recommended rates while maintaining or increasing crop yields.

Farmer benefits:

  • Reducing input costs
  • Maintaining or increasing crop yields because of more balanced nutrition in the soil
  • Growing healthier plants with increased resistance to drought and frost and to insects and plant disease reducing chemical usage, thus reducing health risks to farmers and improving public opinion regarding the agricultural community
  • Improving crop yields through enhanced seed germination and increased root and plant growth building a better educated generation of farmers who can manage their own soil and crops.

Consumer benefits:

  • Healthier, quality crops with increased nutrient value
  • Decreased risk of exposure to carcinogens through chemical residues in foods
  • Stable food supply to help maintain stable food prices

Environmental benefits:

  • The decrease in agricultural chemical usage simultaneously decreases the amount of new chemical contamination entering the soil
  • The balance of microbes, fungus and algae in the soil is restored and enables the soil to again seize and digest toxic substances
  • The soil is re-established as nature's filter for the water as it moves to groundwater streams water resources are conserved and made available for plants to use
  • The volume of chemical runoff from farms is reduced both by the decrease in chemicals applied and in the natural filtering process of healthy, tilthy soil
  • The balance of all nutrients in the soil leads to healthier new plants that are better able to withstand the effects of weather stresses, such as frost or hot, dry weather
  • The soil and the water are sustained for future generations
Farm for Profit

Farm for Profit

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